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    2. TXT Cooke
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      Now it’s even easier to reach out to
      your Cooke Insurance Broker!

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      Established in 1972 by founder Charlie Cooke, Cooke Insurance has grown to include offices throughout Atlantic nada. Cooke Insurance may have evolved from humble beginnings, but the vision and drive to be the leading coverage solution provider for all your insurance and investment needs has never changed.


      Insurance n be complex. That’s why we take the time to make sure you fully understand your policies. We will always recommend the solution that’s right for you, your family, and your business… even if your policy is not with us.


      With over 40 years experience, we focus on delivering comprehensive products and services. In addition to insurance, our in-house claims experts are on hand should one of your claims need independent advice. And our financing team n offer a wide variety of flexible payment options.


      People and technology… we’ve invested greatly in both to ensure that when you need immediate help, we’re ready to take your ll. It’s all about personal, efficient service delivered through a team approach from our network of Maritime lotions.

      Your Maritime Insurance Broker

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